American Steak & Oyster Bar

Giving Back to the Community

We Do More Than "Good Food at a Great Value"

As a part of American Steak & Oyster Bar's mission, the Company  demonstrates what it means to be a good neighbor through philanthropy, community service, and mutual respect. To that end, American Steak & Oyster Bar actively participates in giving back to the community whenever and wherever possible. 

At the end of each meal, American Steak & Oyster Bar proudly gives one dollar coin back to each table and encourages guests to donate to a featured charity of their choice. Check out which charities are featured this month below!

We are honored to continue to support great organizations and causes throughout the community that seek to improve the community-at-large. We would not exist without the community, and so, it is our mission to not only offer good food at a great value but to give back.

Current Charitable Partners

Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand


The Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand inspires and enables all young people to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens through ‘safe place’ programming. 

Canine Angels


Canine Angels rescues, rehabilitates, and trains service dogs to support the daily activities of disabled veterans through guidance and companionship. 

Caring in Our Lifetime


Caring In Our Lifetime is dedicated to raising funds and providing financial assistance with medical expenses to individuals in Horry and Georgetown counties affected by breast cancer. 

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)


DAV is a nonprofit charity that provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families.  

Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society


Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society raises awareness, shares joy, and spreads hope for those in the community with Down Syndrome and their families. 

Champion Autism Network (CAN)



Champion Autism Network’s goal is to raise Autism Awareness, reduce criticism and judgement and help families with children on the autism spectrum develop a network of like-minded people and supports, locally and beyond. 

Charitable Involvements

Donation to Palmetto Goodwill


 While undergoing massive renovations, the team decided to donate several valuable items previously owned by Flo's Place to Palmetto Goodwill. Items included kitchen supplies, New Orleans-Inspired memorabilia, and even the original wooden and neon signs from Flo's. On February 8, 2019, these items were available for purchase at Palmetto Goodwill and all proceeds went to their Culinary Kick-Start Program.  

Feeding the DAV


We are proud to have been able to treat over 150 Disabled American Veterans and their caregivers as a small token of our appreciation for their tremendous sacrifices for our country on February 24, 2019.

More to Come


American Steak & Oyster Bar is always looking to do more to give back to the community! We will continue to update our site with our latest involvements.